«To think about consuming without polluting»
«To produce without destroying»



Sculpture with 150 tires (3.60 height m)

Place: Rotunda of the New Variant of Massamá/Agualva - Sintra – Portugal




Sculpture with 3,000 bottles and plastic demijohns (PET) (4.10 height m)

Place: Rotunda in the Road of Paço de Arcos (Cacém – Sintra - Portugal)



CHRISTMAS TREE (2009)  (5.60 height m)

Used materials: 14 tires of different sizes, 65 cds reused, 136 bottles pet of cooling juices (2 liters), 24 water bottles pet (0.5 liters), 26 water bottles pet (1.5 liters), ink, iron, screws, washers and steel-hilteds.

Place: Plaza D. Maria II (Cacém - Sintra - Portugal)