It was born in ‚ÄúRio de Janeiro‚ÄĚ (Brazil) on July 21, 1962.

At four years old begins to show interest and talent in the arts and started studying music and piano at the School of Music ‚ÄúVillaLobos‚ÄĚ, also showing interest in dance, poetry and theater, having attended classes in Ballet and Declamation.

It is Teacher of Music, Pianist, Educator and Educational Consultant.

She taught music for 17 years in the city of ‚ÄúRio de Janeiro‚ÄĚ (Brazil), where she developed educational projects and cultural events.

It began as an autodidact in the area of plastic arts and great interest in the environmental causes.

Part of his work has behind an ecological concept in order to reuse, so that has the ¬ęwaste¬Ľ (residue) as raw - material.

She lives in Portugal since 2005, she has the Portuguese Nationality, and have exposed regularly since 2006.

Activates workshops and takes part in events to promote his art.