November - (6 a 10) - Work of formation and orientation in environmental thematic, near to the educators, in the Institution Space Mail Educative Resources, situated in the “Largo da Lagoa, 14 – Linda-a-Velha (Oeiras – Portugal)”.
The works had been displayed in the Dolce Vita of “Miraflores” (Oeiras - Portugal), December, 01 to 23.


Elaboration of the Project “5rs”: To Rethink - To Refuse - To Reduce - To Reuse and To Recycle.
Stages of the Project:
To inform about the substances that can be recycled and about the social benefits of the residues, basic task for the recycling.
To discover as to make, to discover the art like you reinvent with recyclables, in fashion, in design and in handicrafts.
Elaboration of studies and technical reports, production of educational material of Ambient Education and participation and promotion of events.


February/March - Construction of a sculpture, “METAMORPHOSIS”, made with 150 tires, measuring 3,60 m height that meets in a rotunda of the New Variant of Massamá/Agualva, Sintra - Portugal.
It Plants This Idea.

July/September - Construction of a sculpture, “CHIMERA”, made with 3,000 bottles and plastic demijohns (PET), measuring 4.10 m height that meets in a rotunda in the Road of Paço de Arcos (Cacém - Sintra - Portugal).

November/December - Construction of a CHRISTMAS TREE made with the following materials:
14 tires of different sizes, 65 cds reused, 136 bottles pet of cooling juices (2 liters), 24 water bottles pet (0.5 liters), 26 water bottles pet (1.5 liters), ink, iron, screws, washers and steel-hilteds. Measuring 5.60 m height.
Place: Plaza D. Maria II (Cacém - Sintra - Portugal).


November - (26) - Publication of the Handbook «THE ART TO REUSE», edition of the City Council of Sintra with the sponsorship of the Tratolixo.
Handbook composed of 55 cards of plastic activities “step by step” under the motto of the politics of the 5 R´s (To recycle, To reduce, To reuse, To refuse and To rethink).
Different types of residues gain new lives, giving body and soul to different objects.
Project accredited by the Portuguese Agency of the Environment in the context of the European Week of Prevention of Waste.
Place: Building «Vila Alda» - Sintra (Portugal).