To raise awareness and encourage «reuse» of different materials, awakening the creativity, the imagination and environmental conscience.
You do not need any prior knowledge of artistic expression.


Professionals of the educational area, encouraging partner-cultural, children, young, adults and seniors.
During the activities they will be developed and applied different techniques in wastefulness materials (residues x garbage):
Painting, Drawing, Collage, Modeling, Restoration …

Decorative Arts

Content - Use of various aging techniques, “patina”, collage, faux mosaic, mosaic and painting on fabric with wax pencil.

The Art of Reuse

Content - Confection of ornaments and thematic objects:
Carnival / Father's Day / Arbor Day / Mother's Day / Children’s Day / Environment Day /Day of Water / Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter / Christmas

Art in Pet

Content - Confection of objects and utilitarian with bottles of soft drinks, water and juices.

Art in Glass

Content - Application of different techniques of painting, collage and cut, for confection of decorative and utilitarian objects.

Artistic Expression Atelier

Content - Technical drawing, painting and collage on different surfaces and plastic re-reading with wastefulness material.


Content - Confection of jewellery in paper, plastic bags (fusing) and technological waste.

Eco Toys

Content - Preparation of different toys in a playful manner.

Newspapers and Coffee Filters

Content - Confection of paintings, objects and utilities in newspaper and coffee filters.

Melody of the Waste

Content - Confection of different musical instruments.
To try the different sounds and rhythms produced by the objects and the body.


Content - Confection of pictures, objects and utilitarian with the technique of the mosaic and the false mosaic.

Utilitarian and Decorative Objects

Content - Construction of objects looking for the three-dimensional one through different techniques of cutting, assembly and modeling.

Origami «art of paper folding»

Content - Confection of different personages, animals, objects and ways of transport.

Recycling and Restoration of Furniture and Objects

Content - Raise the sensitivity and the interest for the aesthetic one.
Reuse objects and furniture, giving them a new look by applying different techniques of painting, collage and montage.

Reuse Paper

Content - Different techniques of collage, modeling, paper machê, decoupage and “papietagem”.

«Whoever tells a tale ... increases a point»

Content - Games and theatrical representation, manufacture of dolls and varied personages with wastefulness materials and the collective creation of a history.

I Accept invitations:

To give Lectures and Seminaries in on Environmental Issues;
To elaborate Projects and Events in the area of Environmental Education.